Referendum Version Maps and Plans

The Sutton Neighbourhood Plan was updated to take account of the comments received following the previous (Regulation 14) consultation which ran from Monday 24th August 2020 until Monday 19th October 2020. The latest version (v4.0 referendum version) has now been formally submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council.

Here you can find Sutton Parish maps, plans referenced in the referendum versions (v4.0) of the document

0.Sutton Context Map
1.Sutton Neighbourhood Plan Area
2.Sutton Rights of Way
3.Sutton Conservation Area & Scheduled Ancient Monuments 
3a.Sutton Conservation Area 
4.Sutton Listed Buildings
4a.Sutton Listed Buildings - village only
5.Sutton Tree Preservation Orders
5a.Sutton Tree Preservation Orders - village only
6.Sutton Identified Features of Local Importance
7.Sutton CBC Local Plan Proposed Countryside Gap
8.Sutton CBC Local Plan Policy Map  (whole parish)
8a.CBC Local Plan E63  (Sutton village only)
8k.CBC Local Plan E01 Policies Maps key
9.Sutton Settlement Envelope
10.Sutton Proposed Local Plan Allocation HAS48
11.Sutton Proposed Important Green Gaps
12.Sutton Character Areas 
13.Sutton Park 
14.Sutton Proposed Infrastructure Allocations - Cemetery
15.Sutton Proposed Infrastructure Allocations - Village Hall
16.Sutton Sensitive Tree, Hedgerow & Wildlife Areas 
17.Sutton LCA Landscape Classification 
18.Sutton Key Views
19.Sutton Flood Risk from Rivers and Sea
20.Sutton Flood Risk from Surface Water
21.Sutton Agricultural Land Classification 
22.Sutton Bear Garden
23.Sutton Packhorse Bridge & Setting of Ford 
24.Sutton Additional Wildlife Corridors - draft
25.Sutton Wildlife Corridors 
26.Sutton Lantern Lane A3L2
26a.Sutton Lantern Lane
27.Sutton B-Lines
30.Sutton Proposed Local Green Space Designations 
31.Sutton Proposed LGS - 1 Pegnut Wood
32.Sutton Proposed LGS - 2 The Belt 
33.Sutton Proposed LGS - 3 Church Field
35.Sutton Proposed LGS - 4 Millennium Wood
100.Sutton NP Policies Map

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Sutton Ford and Packhorse bridge waterco

Referendum plan

Referendum version of the Sutton Neighbourhood plan

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Consultation Report

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