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September 2019 Update

September 2019 Update

We have now completed the non-resident land-owners questionnaire, which largely completes the evidence gathering phase of producing our neighbourhood plan.

Our Green Infrastructure Plan is almost finalised and, all being well, we expect to present it to Sutton Parish Council for formal adoption at their November meeting. Once adopted, the document will be made available on our web site.

We have spent and formally closed down (reported on) our first grant, which was for the evidence gathering phase and also for producing our Green Infrastructure Plan.

We are continuing to write the main Sutton Neighbourhood Plan document and, whilst we will write most of the document ourselves, we hope to employ the services of a specialist planning consultant to assist us in drafting the important legal policy wording - which will be in accordance with the findings of our evidence gathering (e.g. the workshops, questionnaires, etc.). To do this means we need to apply for further grant funding which we expect to do shortly.

We expect the writing of the main Sutton Neighbourhood Plan document to be completed during the autumn/winter period. Once we have completed the writing of our neighbourhood plan document we will have to follow a statutory consultation process before we can hold a referendum on the legal adoption of our plan.

So, although you may not be seeing a lot of activity, there is much work going on in the background! We expect to be able to share more detail with you in the spring.

Darren Brooker

Chair, Sutton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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