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Examiner's Final Report

We are pleased to report that the independent examiner has now concluded the examination of the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan.

The examiner's report states: "I have concluded that, subject to a number of recommendations (principally for changes to the detailed wording of some policies), the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan would meet the basic conditions, and consequently am pleased to recommend that, as modified, it should proceed to referendum."

The examiner's report can be found here:

We are very pleased to report that the examiner has, with one exception, allowed all of the policies (with some minor modifications), in the submitted Sutton Neighbourhood Plan, including:

- Important Green Gaps - Local Green Spaces (Pegnut Wood, Millennium Wood, Church Field and The Belt) - Rural Character policies - Heritage policies - Sustainable Growth policies - Design and Character policies - Community Facilities policies - Sustainable Transport policy

The submitted (unmodified) version of the plan can be found here: We will update the plan to reflect the examiner's report/modifications in the next few days and then publish the final (referendum) version of the plan.

The final version of the Plan will now be the subject of a referendum of the registered electors within Sutton parish, and if the plan passes the referendum with a simple majority then it must be used by CBC in making planning decisions within the Sutton parish.

The CBC elections team will now organise the referendum which we expect to be held in late May or June of this year.

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