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Consultation on Draft Sutton Neighbourhood Plan Now Open

We have completed the writing of the Draft Sutton Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents.

We would now like to hear your feedback on this Draft Plan. The consultation runs from Monday 24th August 2020 to Monday 19th October 2020 (8 weeks).

What is a neighbourhood plan? A neighbourhood plan is a document drawn-up by, or on behalf of, a community which sets-out a shared view of how it will grow and what facilities it will require.

A neighbourhood plan can't prevent all development, but it does give the community a real say in its future. These include areas such as:

· Infrastructure

· Housing needs

· Local employment/industry

· Transport

· Natural environment

What happens after the consultation? Once your feedback has been considered, the Steering Committee will consider what changes should be made to the Draft Plan. The amended Plan will then be submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council for further consultation and then for examination by external examiner. Once the Plan has been finalised, it will then be put to the residents of Sutton in a referendum and, if accepted, it will become part of the statutory planning policy for the parish. Once 'made', by law, Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) must take the Plan into account when making decisions on planning applications.

We will be holding two drop-in surgeries (both in Sutton Village Hall):

Sunday 30th August 2pm-8pm, and

Monday 31st August 10am-6pm.

Full details of the consultation documents and how to provide feedback can be found here.

You can provide your feedback here.

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